Way of working

I offer individual coaching, couple coaching and trainings in non violent communication for organisations.

I want to work in a way that works for you. Seems obvious, but it means that I work without agenda and without fixed ideas. I focus on what arises and is needed in the present moment. I put my body of knowledge, my own experiences and my intuition in service of you.

The fundament from which I work is non violent communication. This is a fantastic tool for improving your relationships and having clear, compassionate conversations.

To this communication fundament I’ve added the following approaches : mindfulness, systemic work/family constellations, Focussing, energetic & intuitive work and Emotion Focussed Therapy.

During trainings and coachings I offer a lively combination of clear cut theory, insightful examples and powerful exercises.

Here are two video’s in Dutch. The first one is about the theory of non violent communication in love relationships. The second one is a roleplay of a fight between a couple (the man plays his wife, I play him).