Non Violent Communication for Changemakers 5 week basic course

5 Wednesday evenings  19.00 – 22.00 |  Amsterdam

06 june, 13 june, 20 june, 27 june and final date (incl dinner) will be planned together

Non Violent Communication or Connecting Communication offers a constructive pathway to personal and social transformation

What is NVC?

Non violent communication is a successful communication and transformation method based on universal human needs. This method empowers you to relate to yourself and the world around you in an authentic and compassionate way.

Why is NVC so effective?

Non Violent Communication is based on the work of the American psychologist Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. He developed a simple and profound communication method which brings clarity and connection in human interaction. The main question is: what really matters to you and to me at this moment? And how can we use our true needs as a startingpoint in our conversation, our relationship? NVC invites us to listen and speak with our ears and heart wide open.

What this course brings you

  • Insight in and application of human needs in informal and formal conversations
  • Effective ways to express yourself honestly in ways that other people can hear
  • Deep understanding of conflicts and skills to deal with it
  • An extremely simple interaction model for challenging work and private situations
  • Increased authentic power to be you and to stand for yourself
  • More peace, overview and clarity in yourself
  • Enhanced ability to listen deeply to what is important for others
  • More understanding for loved ones (partner, child, family) and others around you
  • Being better able to find sustainable workable strategies/solutions for problems
  • Growing ability to be self compassionate
  • Awareness to bring focus and truth in ‘drama’ 
  • Experience of choice and ownership
  • Improved ability to authentically encourage and engage others in your cause

For whom

This workshop is a co-production of Verbindwerk and Knowmads.  The course is especially focused on groups or individuals who are putting their heart and hands out to contribute to the world around them. Change makers, social entrepreneurs, health care workers, doctors, eco warriors, peace builders, change consultants, coaches, teachers you name it. Everybody who is engaged in making a positive impact on this planet. The course attracts Knowmads students and people from outside Knowmads. It has shown to be a very rich and meaningful mixture.

Main language will be English, there will be Dutch translations available. Connect with me via if you feel any doubt.

Adelya Zakirova

I’m now able to transform and speak about my anger in a way that other people can understand and feel. I have a better overview of my needs and feel a better connection with myself.

Adelya ZakirovaBasic course for Changemakers
Wieger de Vries

Loes showed me, by using examples from my life, that NVC can totally transform the way conversations are going. They become easy going and constructive. It’s so valuable that I dare to say this work, for me, is life changing!

Wieger de Vries4 days course for vegan activists
Sif Yraola

Non violent communication led by Loes gave me a huge hope for humanity and hands on tools to communicate in a more holistic way. Holistic meaning that I realised that behind every interaction there is a deeper need to connect to, but we just forgot how.

Sif YraolaBasic course for Changemakers
Veerle Vrindts | Founder Viva Las Vegas

The course exceeded my expectations. In only a few days Loes was able to bring us to a new level of communication based on empathy. I really like that she isn’t afraid to use her own situations as case-study. It gave us a lot of trust and openess.

Veerle Vrindts | Founder Viva Las Vegas4 day course for vegan activists



Loes of gives coaching and courses based on non violent communication since 5 years. She worked with all kind of settings, groups and organisations (personal assistents, consultants, civil cervants, vets, vegan activists, health care professionals, mentally vulnerable individuals, couples, teachers). She creates an optimal learning enviroment of trust, humaness, safety, playfulness and depth.  ‘I have a passion to plant seeds of consciousness with the full trust that it creates beautiful flowers for individuals, families, collectives, organisations and the earth.’


Marciano San A Jong is a former Knowmads student and worked 10 years in catering industrie (‘my biggest teacher’). He gives sustainability workshops for high school students and is passionate about personal growth and specially nvc. He is deepening his awareness by assisting Loes in nvc courses. His presence creates a sphere of relaxation, warmth, compassion and joy.

Marciano San A Jong

Loes has an warm authentic way of facilitating. She combines theory with stories from her own experience which makes things very lively. She integrates meditation and simple movement through her course days which makes them very smooth and easy to follow.

Marciano San A JongNVC course for changemakers

Practical info

  • 5 evenings: 06 June, 13 June, 20 June, 27 June and the final date (incl dinner) will be planned together
  • Location Knowmads | Check out this amazing school for changemakers
  • Adress Ferdinand Huyckstraat 62 Amsterdam
  • Time 19.00 – 22.00
  • For those of you who want to eat together at the location, join around 18.00u. Bring your own or pay 5 euro for shared dinner.
  • Amount of participants 7 – 15
  • Price regular             €300 (incl vat)
  • Price ZZP/company €485 (incl vat)
  • Your application is finished after you ordered the ticket on the bottum of this event page. Go to ‘-1-in winkelmand’ and select your price category.
  • If you can’t order your ticket for pratical reasons you can transfer the payment through your bank IBAN NL98RABO0117546577 in name of L.Berkhout. Mention ‘NVC basic course may 2018’ Please send me your full details via email (name, adress, telephone number) and the date of your payment.
  • After application we have a 5-10 minute call to meet each other (if you haven’t been on an introduction evening)
  • More info via or call 06 18 40 39 72
  • Participation means you are committing to follow the whole course.  Generation terms and additions are applicable.


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