Course ‘Living in Connection’ start 18-01

8 week course embodying compassionate communication

A powerful, loving path to connect with yourself and others from trust, connection and abundance.

8 Friday noons 1 – 4PM  | Amsterdam

Dates 2019: 18-01, 25-01, 08-02, 15-02, 22-02, 01-03, 08-03 and closing celebration 29-03



What is Living in Connection?

Living in connection means applying non-violent communication or compassionate communication in your daily life. It is a way of living in which opening our heart to ourselves and others is key.

How can we be kind with ourselves and each other? Communication and connection are fundamental life skills that have a major effect on our quality of life. This course, this adventure is about daring to self-connect, to be sincere, honest, vulnerable and authentic. At the heart of this journey is the connection with yourself. What is important to you? What do you feel and what do you need? Where are your healthy limits? How can you live from your values? From that powerful place of self-connection you can connect with people in your immediate environment and the larger whole. When you take this path, you choose for a healthy relationship with yourself and the people around you. Sometimes that means a deepening of the connection and sometimes it means that you will let go of things, habits or people that no longer serve you.

Sphere of Influence

Compassionate communication is particularly powerful because the way you speak and listen to the people around you directly impacts your environment and all aspects of your life. It supports you to operate from your sphere of influence. In the end everyone wants to be loved, to matter, to be heard, and to be seen. Whether you want to deepen your love relationship, resolve conflict, feel empowered, raise your children in a clear, compassionate way or simply want to go through life in a more constructive, honest and connected way… Compassionate communication is easy to apply, clear-cut and it simply works.


” Since the course I am able to transform my anger in spoken language in a way that that other people can understand and empathise with. I have better overview of my needs and feel a better connection with myself. ”


” With the use of some real examples from my daily life, Loes showed me that it’s possible to have radically different conversations. Conversations that are much more constructive and easy going. This work is so valuable that, even though there is still much to learn, I dare to speak of a life changing event.


Which harvest can you reap from the ‘Living in Connection’ course?

  • Seeing and recognising yourself with more clarity and love
  • Being able to perceive, speak and act on the basis of human needs
  • Learn how self-sabotage works and instead activate yourself to live in connection, trust and flow
  • Gets you to the core of conflicts within yourself and with others, and learn how to better deal with them
  • Effective and honest ways to express yourself and stand up for yourself
  •  Increased self-awareness in thinking, feeling and your needs
  • Deep and attentive listening skills (an important skill to have in relationships with roommates, loved ones, parents as well as customers and colleagues)
  • Improved health, inner calm and clarity in yourself.
  • Increased sense of freedom of choice in interactions with yourself and others.
  • Sustainable strategies for problems, tensions and dilemmas.

Three intentions Healing – Growing – Being

HEALING is about letting go of what no longer serves us and lovingly acknowledging our pains (which we all acquire in some leven in our lives).
GROWING is about learning, practicing, gaining new knowledge and insights, breaking patterns and getting deeper understanding.
BEING is about daring to show yourself exactly as you are now. Appearing as yourself, not by doing something or showing socially desirable behaviour, but by being you in your purest form.


  • We weave sound theory with playful, poignant, heart-opening exercises. This way we connect our heads with our emotions, body and energy.
  • The majority of the course is based on non-violent or compassionate communication. Complementary activities and content will be interwoven in a fluent and accessible manner: nature, movement, contact, meditation, music and visualization.
  • Plenary sessions alternate with working in smaller groups and individual reflection moments. The power of sharing is applied by means of the ‘talking stick’.
  • To make the knowledge applicable, we work with situations from our own lives which we elaborate on together. Participants indicate that working with each other in group format is an important added value to the course (recognition, sharing, fun, helping each other and deeping the connection as human beings)
  • This course takes place at an inspiring oasis in Amsterdam Noord called the Treehouse Tribe. The Treehouse Tribe is a co-working sanctuary where a warm community of animated entrepreneurs find their home. More info

Course overview

Session 1 From surviving to living life fully

Contact with the earth, roots and your family culture. Explore how we have learned to communicate and relate. When do judgements serve me and when don’t they? Play with fear and confidence.

Session 2 Connecting with myself

You connect with what is alive inside. Recognize and use emotions to get more connected with yourself. How can I take care of myself and allow myself to be who I am?

Session 3 Empowerment and ownership

Stay in my center. Dare to say yes and no without hesitation. Stand up for myself and respectfully set boundaries. Others are never the cause of my feelings, but what if I do experience it like that? Distinction between strategy and need.

Session 4 Connecting with others

Opening the heart. Staying connected to myself while I focus on the person. To what extent do I dare to be vulnerable to my loved-ones, friends, the people I work with? Practice being present, listening, empathy without ‘hard work’.

Session 5 Powerful Speaking & Inner Knowing

Expressing my truth by hearing my inner voice. Express my feelings beyond niceties. How can I express the tension I pick up? Playing with appearances, harmony and truthfulness.

Session 6 Trusting Myself

Intuition. We often know or feel much more than we realize rationally. Trusting your body and wisdom to feel whether certain dynamics, relationships or situations are healthy or unhealthy for you. To know what is required in the moment. Playing with your mind (reason) and inner knowing.

Session 7 Integration 

Integration. During this penultimate session you will learn a few basic principles that support you in challenging situations. Now it is about integrating what you have learned in a way that suits you and your life, so that you can take home what you need. Keeping the connection with yourself in contact with the other person. Connecting your mind/common sense with your intuition.

There is still so much more to learn ⇒

— few weeks of integration time—

Session 8 Repetition & Closure

A special festive completion lesson that will remain a surprise ..

For Whom

This course is for curious, open minded people especially changemakers who want to get (further) acquainted with non-violent or compassionate communication.  This course suits you if and are longing for life based on trust, authenticity and connection. If you are willing to meet yourself, be radically honest and make authentic connections with people a natural part of your life and work. We are going to play, try-out, research and make a new way of living and communicating more sustainable. And you may play with your insights in regard to your children, your loved-ones, your roommates, parents, co-entrepreneurs, business partners, colleagues, friends and others. This course will be more impactful if you introduce your own situations, courageous vulnerability and a willingness to make ‘mistakes’ gracefully :).

Practical information

  • Dates 8 fridays in 2019: 18-01, 25-01, 08-02, 15-02, 22-02, 01-03, 08-03 and closing celebration 29-03
  • Time 1- 4 PM
  • Walk in 12.40 AM (it contributes to my ease and wish for a joint start if you come on time)
  • Location Treehouse TribeThis course is held at an inspiring oasis of calm: the Treehouse Tribe in the Northern discrict of Amsterdam. It’s at walking distance from Central Station (20 min). More info
  • Adress Asterweg 20N in Amsterdam
  • Number of participants 7 – 12
  • Regular price €350 incl Vat
  • Company price €550 excl Vat. (Your organisations pays for you or it’s an investment from your own entreprise)
  • Early Bird Discount! You receive €50 discount if you order your ticket before the 1st of December 2018 (early birds give me clarity and stability)
  • For questions and other info please email me or call +31 6 18 40 39 72.
  • Sign in by ordering a ticket in the ‘winkelwagen’ below.
  • The course starts with a minimum of 7 participants. You will be contacted as soon as possible in case of cancellation.
  • algemene voorwaarden
  • I’m very much looking forward to get to know you!


” The course allowed me to understand myself and the relations I have better. Through the whole process, Loes used her advanced skills making sure that everybody walked safely on the path of discovery while creating an environment where everybody could listen, understand and help each other. I enjoyed her natural love and care and recommend this course to anyone.”


” I’m impressed by the way Loes takes her participants on a journey. In her I see clarity, expertise, care and empathy. ”


” The course was hilarious, examples were sooo identifiable and clear! I understand that underneath the ‘wars’ between me and my daughter there are human needs. In the heat of the moment I find them hard to see, it really is a matter of practice. I hope that I can pass it on to her too.”