18 december 2016

Dear human fellows

Yesterday evening I’ve experienced an epiphany. During an NVC (non violent communication) course for Changemakers at Knowmads Business School AmsterdamI felt the urge to mention Trump. How are course participants actually feeling about it? People started to speak up, anger, disbelief, some neutral, fear, some wanting to ignore the pain. While hearing those heartfelt sharings I noticed suddenly my repulsion, my agony and pain shifting. Tears welled up in my eyes and made my view blurry. Goosebumps all over my body, my vains even seemed to widen. A boost of energy pumped through my system.

I felt grate-full-ness, not sadness, for such an outburst of joined wishes, dreams, hopes, intentions suddenly swayed into the universe.


The shift. It’s happing inside me. The fear literally fell off my body. The whole Trump campaign, the national and international media, my mom’s face when telling the news to me, I was able to observe it, with lightness. Few times in my life I’ve felt so incredible powerful and vibrant.

Thank you Donald for awaking my connection with what I think is my reason to be on the crazy place called earth.

Thank you Donald for making me feel so connected to my students and driven to invite them to ‘stay with whatever war is going on inside us.’ 

How can I contribute to peace and connection when I am even unable to fight my inner demons (critics, anger, self-doubt, jealousy, hate)?

For me this inner connection-communication process is the most essential thing to do as human being. And apparently this is what we have forgotten/neglected as a global community.

We are afraid to be intimate with ourselves.

We are deeply afraid to listen to our own inner voices that are shouting. And of course for that reason we experience hardship hearing the beautiful calling underneath the rage of other voices shouting.

So for me radiating self connection, radiating presence with whatever is alive in others, that is like dropping bombs of peace.

Thank you Donald for making me strongly remember what I believe is my ground. Staying with what is.

I’m not running for president, I’m running for presence.

Do you come along?

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